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From: Clark Building
Subject: Fast LearnerCross-dressing was not a term I had ever heard when I got introduced to the
wearing of girls clothes. It was my aunt who started my first time and then
the whole family got into it and I went to 5th grade as a girl. I guess my
grandparents really started it by letting my hair grow very long. I lived
with them from birth. They were from Sweden and loved my long blond hair
and bright blue eyes. I was frequently mistaken for a girl and secretly
loved it. During the summer after the fourth grade, my grandmother died and
I was sent to live with my aunt and uncle. Their daughter, my cousin, was
about my size and they were too poor to buy me school clothes. I was
starting the fifth grade, my cousin the sixth grade. My aunt dressed me up
in my cousin's old clothes just for fun and I was game when someone said
why not enroll me as a girl. A slight alteration to my first name was all
it took. My aunt told the school that my previous school had just spelled
it wrong, a typographical error. School records were more simple back
then.My uncle seemed to have the hots for me and once I was dressing all the
time as a girl, he made it the rule. I was to remain a girl at all sven bbs lol gateway times
living there. He wanted the neighbors and family friends to believe in my
girlhood. Nobody in the family would hint to anyone that I was really a
boy. That's how it was and I was thrilled but pretended to simply obey. I
thought it would be exciting and secretly longed to play the role full
time. My uncle could see my desire and he had his own, I learned later.
He would sit lolita teen pay sites me on his lap and hug and kiss me and I could feel his dick
get stiff under my ass. My aunt got so disgusted with us that she would
leave the room, but my uncle was bad tempered and mean; she did not dare
cross him. I also had a boy cousin, a little older, about sixteen. Both my
cousins were afraid of their father because he would whip their ass with
his belt if they did not behave. He was nicer to me, which just pissed
them off. My aunt was too weak to say anthing about it. Maybe he spanked
her too. They all walked on egg-shells trying not rouse his quick temper
and raving outbursts. He worked in a steel mill and was a large, muscular
brute with red hair. Strangely, no alcohol in the house, ever.Us kids had major chores to do involving feeding and cleaning the cages of
about two hundred rabbits that my aunt and uncle raised for food and to
sell the meat and pelts. My uncle would kill the rabbits, a few at a time,
out in the garage. The garage was a place no one but my uncle was allowed
into. That is, until he decided to teach me about killing, skinning and
butchering the bunnies. The garage was really creepy with one light bulb
hanging on a wire in the middle of the room. When it swung, the shadows
moved around. He had an old couch in there and some pictures of naked
women. One was two women with the face of one in the crotch of the other; I
always was fascinated by it. There were little wooden racks hanging all
over with rabbit skins stretched on them and a big work bench with blood
stains everywhere. He showed me the way he wrung the necks of the rabbits
to kill them and then hung the little corpses over shallow pans and drained
the blood by cutting open their throats. After that he would go outside to
the hose and rinse off the blood from his hands and wipe them on the legs
of his pants.Then he would come back inside, close and latch the door and beckon me to
stand before him as he sat on the couch. "Closer" he would command until I
was face to face with him. He would watch my eyes as he ran his cold moist
hands up the backs of my legs, up under my dress and slip, then under my
panties and squeezed my little ass with his hard loli school girl
big strong hands. He pulled me
to him, still watching my face for my reactions. At first just hugging me
tightly, he finally kissed me on the mouth, lips only for awhile, then
parting my lips and slipping in his tongue, first a little, later a
lot. It's not clear to me now whether I liked it then or just tolerated it,
but he made it a habit, apparently satisfied with my reactions.Then, only days later, I was instructed to fondle his stiff cock, the
biggest dick I had ever seen, while he French kissed me on the mouth. My
attention was mainly on using my hands while my mouth just played around
with his tongue in some automatic, instinctual way. Early on, my hands
were placed on his stiff cock still inside his trousers and I was
instructed how to rub, squeeze and caress it for his pleasure. I know I
liked doing that and soon it was out of his pants and I managed to jack it
off using both hands until he trembled and then squirted. What fun!At first repulsed by the idea of tasting the cum, I was urged to take a
glob on my own finger and just have a taste. Not so bad I recall. Then he
would scoop up a big gob on his fat finger and thrust it into my mouth and
leave his finger there for me to lick clean. I did not know it, I think,
but mouthing his finger and swallowing the wad of cum were my intro to what
came next, sucking on the cock itself. I remember the first time was a
combination of verbal coaxing and his big hands on my head forcing hard loli school girl
down. He kept telling me I would like it, just try it, open up my mouth and
enjoy it. Saying "NO" was not really an option. When I finally opened wide
and took the head in my little mouth, I was not really surprised that I
did, in fact, like it, a lot. He knew I would, he told me several times.Within two weeks of learning to snuff rabbits, I was officially a killer
cocksucker in drag at the age of ten. I was happy and proud of myself for
the secret knowledge that I possessed. I wouldn't dream of telling anyone
and I knew that my uncle could get into a lot of trouble if I slipped up
and hinted about it to anyone. I can't say that I loved my uncle, but we
had a special relationship. He was mostly tender and loving with me, but
sometimes he was demanding and downright mean. In those instances, he
might typically get me into the garage and just stand there over me and
command, "Suck it, boy." I would obediently drop to my knees on the cold
floor (remember I always wore a dress) and unzip his fly. He would not
help at all, just stand there waiting for me to get it out, get it stiff,
suck it, lick it, love it, till I got a mouthful. Never said anything like
"Thank you" or "good hard loli school girl
job." He would just smile his acknowledgement and I
would be grateful, somehow. Who am I kidding; I loved it all.My Uncle told me once that he knew I would like being a cocksucker because
"it runs in your family.""What do you mean?" I curiously asked.He told me a story, maybe true, maybe not, about the times he double dated
with my father who was russian preteeen lolita bbs dating my mother while he, my uncle, dated my aunt,
who was my mother's sister. They were all in Bell High School together.
Supposedly after they took the girls home, my uncle complained to my dad
that his balls ached from prolonged kissing and heavy petting with my aunt.
If his story is true, he got my father to suck him off by just taking out
his dick and demanding my father go down on tiny nymphet loli bbs it. Said he had a hunch my dad
would do it if he just insisted. Said the main thing my dad wanted was for
Uncle Jim not to tell anyone. Said it happened several times after that,
even after they both married, until my dad divorced my mother and left the
state.I never asked my father about it, naturally. He would have lied anyway,
like everything else he said. He was like that. Later in life I learned
about my father's relationship with a pedophile photographer, a guy he left
me with for a week. After that, I was certain that Uncle Jim was probably
truthful about my father sucking his dick. Uncle Jim also told me that my
mother would suck his dick any time he could get her alone, even though
they were both married to others, that she loved it and had never ever
refused. His wife, my aunt, never knew it, he said. So, my uncle
reasoned, why would I be any different. Everybody in my family sucked
cocks. Me too, I realized.My boy cousin, about sixteen, was always watching me. He would stand on
the Gas meter on the side of the house and watch me through the bathroom
window. He knew I peed sitting down like a girl and wiped myself
afterward, also like a girl. I had my reasons, mostly being neat. He
watched me shower and dry myself off. He liked seeing me naked and I liked
being watched, so I let it happen. Never told anyone. He apparently knew
what his father was doing with me in the garage, either from his own
childhood experience, or from watching through the cracks in the garage
door. I learned about his knowledge of my new skills when he began finding
ways to get me alone and used that familiar phrase, "Suck it, boy." I
wound up sucking him off on a regular basis when he could get me alone. He
actually tried sucking me, but at ten, I was not even getting aroused by
it, so he quit trying that. A few times he came into my bed during the
night and straddled my head and fucked my face. We both knew the danger of
discovery by my uncle, so that nightly visit was seldom. When he got a
part time job cleaning our church on Sunday evenings, I was sent with him
to help. We were alone there, just us two. After that I sucked him off
once or twice every Sunday at church. underage slumber party lolita
There was a low kneeling stool next
to a low wall that separated the altar area from the pews. He would sit me
on that low stool, lean on the top of that short wall, and, with my head
against the wall, he would slowly fuck my face, then faster as ejaculation
came. I loved it. His jizz was much sweeter than his dad and I liked to
think it was more nutritionally rich. Odd thing to consider.My uncle died in a boating accident two years later when I hard loli school girl
was living with
my Mother and my boy cousin was caught sticking underage slumber party lolita
up gas stations in Kansas
with a sawed-off shotgun. He went to prison there for about five years and
I would suppose he teen lolita romania model became someone's girl friend while incarcerated. I
never saw him again. He was just seventeen or eighteen at that time. When
I went to live with my mother, she actually gave me the choice of whether
to dress as a girl or a boy. I chose the latter, but my mom was convinced
that I was a queer as a three dollar bill. I still cross-dressed secretly,
but I think she knew. She was really slutty when she drank and once
brought home two men from a bar. When she finally decided which one to
fuck and went into her bedroom with him, I had the other guy in my room for
a friendly blow job. White trash hospitality. The guy gave me five
dollars, like the money would make it OK, but I took it and said "thanks."
I was thankful that he didn't get sick and throw-up in my bed. My mother
pretended not to know, but on another occasion later that year she told
some guy to bring a horny friend for me to "service." She said it right in
front of me and just smiled when I gave her a dirty look. Her drinking got
worse and I went to live with my father in Santa Monica, where I met other
fags under the pier. Some good stories happen there, you can bet. I was
just starting seventh grade.
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